Tu tene eum procul; Ego curram ob auxilium!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

I can't really claim to be an old
rock and roller, but I do like a lot of
classic rock. My kids know it far better
than I do. For my birthday this year, my
two biggest boys bought tickets to see
Peter Frampton. I haven't been to a concert
since Molly Hatchet at the Great Southern
Music Hall back in the late '70s.

The show was pretty good. I, of course,
enjoyed when he played the songs I knew
off of Frampton Comes Alive.
The newer instrumental stuff was good, but
I didn't connect with it as well. Frampton
himself was a lot of fun. The crowd kept
yelling "LOUDER". He offered
to crank it up to where our ears would bleed.
I was surprised at the sea of fat, bald people.
Frampton himself wasn't fat, but he ain't got
no hair no more. He even joked about that too.
I guess if I do have to turn fifty this year,
a good rock concert isn't a bad way to do it.



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