Tu tene eum procul; Ego curram ob auxilium!

Saturday, March 17, 2007


Saw a couple of movies lately:

First, Amazing Grace.
SheWhoMustBeObeyed and I enjoyed this. It presents the story
of how Christians were able to end slavery in
a country without resorting to war. In contrast,
America's abolition movement was headed by unitarians
and cost the lives of tens of thousands. The movie
itself gets a B. The real Wilberforce was too
large of a figure for all but the greatest actors
to capture without going over the top. The guy (Ioan
Gruffudd) who played him did a good job, but didn't quite
get there. Plus, if I remember correctly Wilberforce
was a hunchback of diminutive size. On the other
hand, Albert Finney (John Newton), Michael
Gambon (Lord Fox), Benedict Cumberpatch
(William Pitt), and Jeremy Swift (Richard the
butler) were outstanding. The didn't have the
burden that Gruffudd had to carry, and they
shone. Also, the writers fudged a little on
the history and resolved some things a wee
bit off the historical time line. Oh well,
I'm thankful they were as close as they were.
It was a very enjoyable movie and one I can
recommend very highly.

Second, we rented Stranger than Fiction.
This movie got great reviews from the Biblical
Horizons' (Federal Vision guys) list. I
couldn't imagine I would like it. Will
Ferrell's humor does not appeal to me.
This movie was awesome. Ferrell played
things straight and believable. What I
saw in this movie was whether man will
be happy being a part of God's story or
rebel against it. There are elements
of conversion, redemption, death, and
resurrection throughout this. Please see it,
learn to like fresh baked cookies, and
go play the guitar.