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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Minimal Adventures

The hunting has been up and down. I had a good
draw for hunting at TMG and ended up in the
reservoir. The duck candy (hydrilla) was thick
and the ducks were too. We pounded the ringers,
but managed to slip in two woodies and a couple
bwts. When I hunted with boy 4 a few days later,
we got the last draw in Broadmoor. Still, it
wasn't a half bad spot, but we were pretty bad
shots. I dropped four, but one of them was a
spooner (ycch). Jim is still an ohfor this season.
Somehow, I need to find a way to step up to the
next level. I'm afraid it calls for a bigger commitment
than I am ready to make. As of now, I am still
not that good and have to rely on others for their
insights way too much. Yet, those few days when
I do put us on the ducks, there is no more fun. We
can put a lot of shells in the air and have a super




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