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Monday, April 17, 2006

Low Tide

The drought in this area is deepening while the St. Johns is getting shallower (see link). After Hurricane Wilma, the river was over nine feet deeper. I was getting my boat into all kinds of areas that I normally can't. Now, I'm not even sure I can get the GoDevil down past Camp Holly to Lake Helen Blazes. I know that Three Forks is impassable as is the weir north of Lk. Washington. If only I could convince Karen that we really need an air boat - for the children.

Still, will this drought kill the para grass, but leave the smart weed, duck weed, and hydrilla intact? I can only hope so. I also hope that a controlled burn will clean up Middlefield.

Florida is tinder dry right now, the hurricanes of the last few years have littered the landscape with downed trees and underbrush, and the winds have been blowing strong and steady. Fires have been popping up - probably mostly by arson - all over the place. It may soon be time to put sprinklers back up on the roof in case the woods out back catch fire.

Dang! Just realized the link will only be good while the drought continues (may it be short). Anyway, it shows the St. Johns at .37 feet at US192.




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