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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Bummer Hunt

Jenny got me up at 1:15 AM because her blood
sugar was low. I fed her, but stayed awake and
got ready to go hunting. I got Craig up a little
past two, we ate breakfast, and headed out. I
was leaving early to avoid the crushing rush
at the launching ramp. The vast emptiness
of the parking lot should have been my first
warning this morning that things were

I had scouted last week and found that
Mud Lake was holding 2 to 300 green
wing teal. Today was my first time to
head south, up river, to find the lake in
the dark. I actually found it, but water
levels were down another six inches from
last week. Still we had a pretty good spot
to set up the boat blind. It was frustrating
that we got there two hours early and heard
no one else trying to find a spot. The river
was dead. I was so nervous that I twice took
out this years regulations to make sure today
was a hunt day.

When hunt time 6:34AM finally did roll around,
we didn't have any opportunities. Even more
annoying were all the flocks of sandpipers that
fly just enough like a teal to get your hopes up.
We stuck it out until 8 and then went snipe
hunting. We only managed one snipe a piece.
I'm bummed.




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