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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Mo Flicks

SheWhoMustBeObeyed and I watched 13
Conversations About One Thing
I watched it a second time with the four big
boys. It wasn't your typical Murkin movie that
spells everything out and ties everything up
in a tidy little package. The movie was little
slices of peoples lives chopped up and shown
non-sequentially. Yet, all of the lives told
interrelated stories. The conversations are
about happiness, but they aren't preachy,
moralistic, or even always right. Guilt,
selfishness, ambition, sacrifice, joy,
frustration, and a bunch other adjectives
muddle up happiness, but don't alwaysderail it.
I can puzzle on this movie for a long time.
It has depths.

The biggest boy bought Pan's Labyrinth.
This was a weird, but compelling movie. Set
with a backdrop of the Spanish Civil War and
the (correctly portrayed) evil Facists. It
also had the righteous (incorrectly portrayed)
Communists - right down to their red stars. But,
I mustn't let my anti-soviet biases ruin a good
review of a good movie.] The movie concerns a
little girl torn between the horror of the
real world and the horror of Fairy. Her real
home she is surprised to find out is in Fairy,
but how she has to get there is the real story.
There is sacrifice, deliverance, and redemption,
but that reflects more of the catholic than of the
lapse in the lapsed catholic director's effort.
The movie is violent and not for the kiddies.



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