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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tuesday Morning Hunt

Took the morning off and hunted with
MT and his friend at TMG.
We had 2N in Broadmoor. I didn't
have much patience and wasted too
many shots on ducks screaming by.
It didn't help that I got into some fire
ants and got all bit up. Fire ant
balls were all over the place. If
I hadn't run out of shells, I would
have gone all Duck Commander on them.

Finally, onsey twosey ducks started to
decoy - especially after I reduced the number
of decoys that I had out there. It's
weird to watch a teal fly across the
spread, duck his head, look over the
selection, and then fly on. I ended up
with four teal - two GWT and two BWT.
I also found out (when I crossed a
lateral ditch looking for a pintail
I crippled and lost) that my waders
leak. I slogged around with half
the marsh in my boots. It was
a painful wade out. Mike's friend
got bit on the eyelid by something
and was headed to the doctor.

Broadmoor is awesome though.




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