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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Opening Day

Saturday is opening day of duck season.
Getting ready is a challenge. Here's
my check off list

Decoys - repainted and restrung
Camo netting - bagged
Buckets filled
.....Sweet and Salties
.....Bungee cords
.....Boat registration
.....Skeeter repellent
.....Decoy heart - new batteries
GPS - charged and tracked
QBeam - charged
Extra Gas
Shotguns - unloaded and cased
Ammo Bags filled:
.....Neck Gaiter
.....Face Mask
.....Wader belt
.....Shell belt
.....Head Flashlight - new batteries
.....Copy of regulations
.....Copy of Ducks at a Distance
.....Duck Calls
.....Fire Extinguisher
Hunting License
Boat Plug
Camo clothing (and extra dry clothing)
Push Poles
Boat Lights
Life Jackets
Palmetto Fans
Netting support poles
Cell Phone and carrier
OD Mats
Boat Keys

And SheWhoMustBeObeyed wonders why I'm




Blogger Angie said...

How about ear protection from the gun blast? Or do real men not need that?

12:02 AM  
Blogger oldfatslow said...

I'm sorry, what was that you said?

Actually, since I hunt with my children and I don't trust the totally depraved monsters not to shoot me. I need to be able to hear them and they me. Ear plugs or muffs won't work. There is some high end electronic protection, but it's out of my price range. As it is, we only occasionally ring each others ears.


6:27 AM  
Blogger Rob said...

Good luck dad! Drop a couple for me!

P.S. What is this occasional junk? "Occasionally ring each others ears?"
HA! I'm still ringing!

1:41 PM  
Blogger oldfatslow said...

Don't blame me for all the rock concerts you go to. Spend your time studying and you won't have that problem.

It was crazy today. I decided to check the boat lights when I came home at lunch. They didn't work. YIKES! I replaced the worn out connectors at the battery but they still didn't work. I checked the fuse and it was fine. But, just for giggles, I swapped it out and things worked. Whew...

Hurry home boy. The ducks need killing and Dave and Jim just aren't quite there yet.

We're getting up at 2AM to beat the mad rush at the Hwy 50 boat ramp. It's supposed to be low 40s overnight. The river has dropped 6 inches since we scouted last week. This will either be cold and miserable or cold and awesome.

Check Google Earth. We're heading south from 50 and hunting just north of Halfway Lake. We thought we saw a true black duck last week.


5:37 PM  

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