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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Scouting Report

From Hwy 50 down to East Marsh, we
have scouted the St. Johns River
marsh. We found a few wads of
bwt but only about 35 ringers.
Actually thought we saw a true
black duck.

The St. Johns River is
dropping again after the rains
of early October built it up.
We are very concerned that any
hole we found on last Saturday's
scout may be dry by by this
Saturday - that's what happened
to us last year.

The spot I've picked should be
able to withstand some drop. If
not, I've got a fall back or two.
Though it is very hard to find
spots in the dark even with a GPS.
I'm sure the marsh will be packed.
I won't sleep much this week.




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