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Friday, September 14, 2007

I am a Heretic

Nope, this ain't about the Federal Vision.

I am a duck heretic. The state of Florida
and duck purists down here want to maintain
the unique Florida mottled duck. This duck
is threatened by interbreeding with feral
mallard ducks. The problem is that mottled
ducks really are a sub-species of the mallard
and are kissing cousins more than separate
species. I like shooting mottleds. Three
of my four banded birds are mottled ducks.
But, we can only shoot one a day. And, the
dang things have a real problem mass breeding.
This is even more evident as black-bellied
whistling ducks have moved in and have bred
like rabbits.

For several reasons, I support the crossbreeding
of the mallard and the mottled.

1.) They breed better.
2.) They still don't migrate.
3.) They are a prettier bird.
4.) They are a bigger bird.
5.) We can kill more per day.

For this, I would go to the stake, but only
after the season is over and if I can grill
some ringers in Wishbone Italian dressing with




Blogger Rob said...

LOL I agree with you Dad, we should cross bread here. And those ringers are making my mouth water.

8:44 PM  

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