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Sunday, July 18, 2021


 Went out with boys 2 and 4. Hit right away with my PB pompano 13.5 in. The rest of the day wasn’t as hot, we got medium whiting, lady fish, croaker, small palometa, and catfish. Lots of seaweed, but the grandkids had a lot of fun playing on the long shelf of sand as the tide came in. There was a small trough close to shore that deepened as the tide rose. Eventually, we’d walk 15 ft out, drop our bait straight down, and catch whiting.

If folks only knew how many fish were around them at any time……

We baked the pompano. It was amazing.


Wednesday, June 30, 2021


 Eight years ago, the brain blew. I didn’t even remember it until SheWhoMustBeObeyed reminded me. Then I went fishing.  Much better day today.

2 Whiting, 1 black drum, 2 croakers, 1 pompano, 2 palometa (including my PB), 1 hugemous mojarra, and 5 scum cats.

I didn’t bring any ice, so I had to let them all go.


Sunday, June 20, 2021

Happy Father’s Day

My #2 son came down from Georgia for a long weekend. He, my #4 son (local boy), my son-in-law, two of my grandkids, and I all got to spend some quality time beach fishing. We had so much variety: whiting, bonito (false albacore), flounder, barracudas!, sailor’s choice, grunt, pompano, scum cat, jack crevalle, black margate, blue runners, croaker, and mottled jaw fish (and maybe some I’ve forgotten. We lost track of first, most, biggest, and only. We’d had solid, hard rain for days leading up and the next week looks the same, but this weekend was perfect.

We could hardly get the rod in the holder before it got hit.


Friday, May 28, 2021

Okay Season

 This was an okay year.  Twenty-two ducks was below average, but not horrible.  Most of our hunting (with Mike T.) was out of his layout boats. We did hunt out of his small Go-Devil boat a couple of times.  I reached for a decoy, slipped, and almost swamped his boat.

The place we hunted was non-motorized until this year. Wow! What a zoo. The gates at the ramp opened late (late for a duck hunter at least) and there were often more than 50 boats waiting to launch. We had the same delay for launching our layout boats. At least we had a separate launch area.

The floating islands I had scouted before the season were all blown away by opening day. We hunted in a small grassy, fixed island repeatedly. As the season went on, the hunting got harder and the island got more mashed down.

Did get a new species: a redhead. That was fun.




Monday, May 03, 2021



First snook ever! Too short by a skosh, but tons of fun

ofs .


Sunday, April 25, 2021

New Hobby

 I've retaken up beach fishing.  The Rockin' Doc and I used to fish on the beach when I was a boy. Dad and I never did too well, we were much better fishing out of the boat in the ocean. But some of my boys and I have been having a blast.  Squid got me started.  He's really taken up fishing.  LT (a local boy), Doc, and TPat have all had a hand. We've caught all kinds and sizes of fish.  Here's some pics"

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Sunday, February 09, 2020

Season Recap

It was almost all ringers all the
time.  We had a small island in
a non-motorized area that we
paddled layout boats to Saturday
after Saturday.  With 32.5 birds:
scaup, bwt, ruddies, and mostly,
ringers, it was my best year
since nought six. 

Opening day went to Big
Bend; my old spot off Hwy
50.  It was a slow day, but
we knocked down two birds.
Mine was a mottled, but my
buddy's sure looked like a
black duck to me. The
six sheriff's deputies and
the FWC officer couldn't
decide.  Others didn't like
the bit of white on the purple
speculum and thought it
might be a hybrid.  I'm
still voting black duck.

It was a good year, no great
adventures, nor disasters.  I
had a lot of fun.