Tu tene eum procul; Ego curram ob auxilium!

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Old Haunts

 Got out to the local WMA for two different hunts as a guest on someone else's draw.  If I could shoot, I'd have a lot, but I stink.  Only one ringer.  This is horrible.


Sunday, December 12, 2021

Slower Yet

 Went to a spot my buddy scouted that had once been good but had fallen off in recent years. Still he found some ducks.

There was some fog around which can be great for hunting, but dangerous for air boating. The good thing was that there wasn’t a boat at the ramp or trailer in the parking lot.

Made it to the area without too much adventure. Wow, were we surprised - the place was lousy with duck hunters all shining us off. Must have been 20 boats out there. They had all entered from a different access point.

We set up in a spot that was well away from our hoped for spot. We never had a duck close enough to annoy more or less kill. The hunters in the good spots were shooting, but it wasn’t a sustained barrage. 

This is gonna be a horrible season.


Monday, November 29, 2021

Slow Start

 Three hunts in before the break. 0-2-2 for the three.

Habitat in our local spots is horrible. Rainfall was below normal for our area. Vegetation is sparse and hydrilla has disappeared or hiding a couple feet below the surface.

Got skunked opening day. 

The Friday after Thanksgiving we hunted using layout boats out of Mike’s airboat. Mike’s gun malfunctioned or he would have had more. I was set up looking into the sun. I got one hen ringer that came to the decoys. Later in the morning, a pair of slow flying birds came over the decoys between us. It wasn’t until I saw their profile I knew they were ducks of some sort. After they cleared Mike, I shot one. The second flew back around and started whistling. I knew then they were black bellies. Mike’s gun functioned for once and he got his first ever bbwd.

Our third hunt we paddled out to our regular spot for the last few years. It had looked terrible when I scouted it for Early Teal. It hasn’t improved. We paddled out, found a good island, and got our decoys out in a fairly stiff wind. Almost as soon as we were set up, it was shooting time. Other than four teal that zinged through at an unshootable angle not much was flying. Mike hollered out that a group of 25 were flying at us. They were just out of shooting range as they went by, but they took a big old circle and came back. Closer this time, but still out of range. Their next pass was textbook: feet down and headed for the landing hole in the decoys. We both doubled. One of Mike’s was crippled and swam directly into the sun, but I couldn’t find it.

Later we had a smaller group (10) do the same thing, but we were able to shoot them on the second  pass. We both singled, Mike got a beautiful drake ringer - mine was crippled and out raced me to a reed island. All ringer day and that’s how it ended.


Friday, September 24, 2021


 Nice day at the beach, but few fish. We (my daughter in law and me) caught two small whiting and she caught a big catfish. My son and I tossed the whiting out as live bait. I pulled mine in after a bit to see how it was doing. Something had hit it hard and ripped the throat out. I tossed it back out as dead bait. Then I made the fateful comment, “Jim, we’ve never hooked a stingray off the beach have we?”  Boom the rod doubled over.

Things to never say:


Sunday, September 05, 2021


 After my last fishing trip, SheeWhoMustBeObeyed and I both got the Rona. With our co-morbidities, we could have had a much worse time of it. Thankfully, it was but the worst cold of my life.

We are deeply grieved over the folks we know who have really suffered and a few have died from COVID. 

This is such a strange disease. There is so much misinformation out there from both government and non-government authorities. I was at a real loss on who to trust.  We ended up getting through it just with over the counter meds.

We are both well on the way to recovery: anosia for me and ageusia and anosia for her that is slowly lessening for both of us.


Monday, August 02, 2021

Another PB

 Conditions were great, incoming tide, light wind, no weed, bait fish in the water, just very few fish. 

Fished Friday and Saturday. We caught several small to medium sized whiting and three mojarras. The only thing we kept was my biggest palometa. Tasted great.


Sunday, July 18, 2021


 Went out with boys 2 and 4. Hit right away with my PB pompano 13.5 in. The rest of the day wasn’t as hot, we got medium whiting, lady fish, croaker, small palometa, and catfish. Lots of seaweed, but the grandkids had a lot of fun playing on the long shelf of sand as the tide came in. There was a small trough close to shore that deepened as the tide rose. Eventually, we’d walk 15 ft out, drop our bait straight down, and catch whiting.

If folks only knew how many fish were around them at any time……

We baked the pompano. It was amazing.