Tu tene eum procul; Ego curram ob auxilium!

Friday, January 03, 2014

Another Split Decision

The season has been pathetic. No water, no food and no ducks. I've only gotten 2.83333 ducks so far. The decimals indicate 1/3 of a wood duck and 1/2 of a modu. I did manage the shot of shots when a green wing teal landed 68 yards away and I managed to fire off the golden bb that did the trick. Lt Jim and I have hunted several times. He got the spoonie and half of the modu.

Mallard (Florida) and Smiling Mallard

Here I am with my half of the modu.

And Lt Jim with his duck and a half.

The family moment of glory was Rob and his Tennessee Sand Hill Crane. This was the first year they were legal game up there and he was able to fill one of his three tags. Ribeye of the sky indeed.
Red Headed Snipe

Sadly, there is no way we catch the totals of last year.