Tu tene eum procul; Ego curram ob auxilium!

Saturday, February 04, 2017

Youth Hunt 2017

Took the same young man and his dad to this
year's Youth Duck Hunt that I have taken the
last two years.  He had second pick and vaulted
to first when #1 didn't show.

We hunted the same hole that Mike T. and I
had hunted so successfully the week before.
Much (most?) of the hydrilla has been eaten
over and that hole still looked good.  Well,
it looked good two weeks ago.  I didn't
take time to look it over this morning and
it too has gotten devoured.

Still we got launched and to our draw with
no dramatics. There were only two or three
other boats in the reservoir.  And I was
afraid any ducks wouldn't be pressured to
keep moving.  Wow, was I wrong.  Right
at first light there were hundreds of ringers
flying all around.  Even a lonely hen mottled
duck flew by quacking her heart out.
Before Shooting Time

The landing zone


Teal decoys to the side

But most of the ducks were flying wide
of us.  The young man hit a coot on the
wing and then dropped one of a pair of
fulvous ducks at altitude.  All day long
he was hitting the high ducks. He ended
up dropping three hen ringers and another
coot too.

The flights of ducks kept getting fewer,
farther apart, and less intense.  He
really did well and rang off a lot of

When we went out to retrieve the ducks
a turtle had beheaded one of the ringers
and started on one of the coots.  The
fulvous was long gone - either eaten
or swum off crippled.  Sad.

This is always my favorite hunt and
we had a really successful day.  See
y'all next year.