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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Graduation Day

A Father’s Report
The Homeschool Graduation of Craig Linn
May 14, 2007

Craig has always been the kindest, gentlest child I have ever known. He has absolutely no concept of personal possessions: the word “Mine!” has never entered his vocabulary. As a child, if he had something so dear as candy, not only would he willingly share it, but he would give all of it away.

He is blessed with a wit that is sharp and quick. I often marvel at how fast he can make a joke. He can – as can all Linns – tease, but he is never mean-spirited or petty. Instead, he is often self-deprecating.

Karen and I tried to teach our children to do their work quickly, cheerfully, and thoroughly and Craig has excelled. His qualities have been evidenced in yard work opportunities in the neighborhood – especially for Jerry Ernst, working in the orchid greenhouses of Joe Grezzafi and Hank Nelson, and at his long running job at the Brevard Community College Bookstore.

More particularly, he loves to serve others. He cares for people. I know he really enjoyed his work on the Habitat for Humanity house, the hurricane relief trip to Waveland, Mississippi, and Vacation Bible School Soccer Camp. His greatest joy is in serving Christ in His church through Acolyting, powerpoint, and getting this building “Anglicanized.”

Given what I have said about Craig, I’ve often feared that people might take advantage of his generous and kind nature. But I have found that I don’t have to worry about that anymore - not since he learned to duck hunt.

He has learned the skills, bravery, endurance, and tenacity to step down off a levee in the dark and wade out into the marsh through mud, bugs, para grass, and gators - carrying decoys, gun, ammo, gear, and – once – me. His first hunt, he killed a little blue wing teal that had landed in the decoys. It wasn’t a particularly hard shot, but then two mottled ducks flew overhead. Craig quickly spun and knocked one down with an awesome shot. His eyes blazed with steel and fire such as I had never seen before. I had to stop him as he wheeled on the second mottle which would have put him over his limit.

That same steel and fire is deep within him and often invisible to the oh too critical eyes of a father, but it has been seen by others. Gen. John Clelland saw it and presented Craig with a shotgun that is his most prized possession (maybe the one thing he wouldn’t share). The adults that went with him on the Waveland trip saw it and noted it. The priests in this church have seen it and had strange visions for his future. And, I firmly believe that with the help of God, you, Craig, will richly develop it these next few years.

The LORD bless and keep you my son. I am proud of you.