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Monday, February 04, 2008

More on the Wreck

This is from the NEWPORT DAILY NEWS
dated Monday, June 29, 1846.

From Saturday's Second Edition


The schooner Dusky Sally, Capt. Wilder, of
Hinham, arrived at Stevens' Wharf this morning
at about 9 1 2 [sic] o'clock, bringing the sad
intelligence of the loss of the brig Sutlej,
Capt. Graham, together with THIRTY LIVES.

The brig was from Pictou, bound to Fall
River, and had on board about seventy
souls. The passengers were partly
Scotch, and were families in comfortable
circumstances bound from their homes
to the State of Maryland, where they
were going to work in some of the mining

The brig struck on the "Sow and Pigs,"
a cluster of rocks about 30 miles
from this place, between Gay Head and
Cuddyhunk, at 1-4 past 3 o'clock, this

The schooner which brought the unfortunate
people in, was in sight at the time and
repaired forthwith to their assistance.
She went down immediately after striking
and had the schooner been a little nearer,
all might have been saved.

It is a most melancholy catastrophe,
and has cast a gloom over our citizens,
which it is impossible to describe.

Below, we give a list of those who have
been saved, and also of those who are
lost, which we obtained from one of the
passengers' two of the names we have been
unable to obtain in full.

Saved. - Margaret Bowie, Robert Bowie, George
Oliver, Mary Oliver, Robert Oliver, George
Oliver, Jennet Oliver, Isabela Oliver,
Hugh Oliver, John Oliver, John Howat,
James Howat, Michael Howat, Thomas Fatkin,
John Fatkin, Jane Love, David Love,
Robert McMillen, Margaret McMillen, Hugh
Denoon, Margaret Frasier, _____ Archibald,
_________Munroe, William Loraine, William
Wier, Arcibald [sic] Smith, Ellen Smith - 28 [sic]

Lost. - Margaret Bowie, Christie Bowie,
Mary Bowie, Alexander Bowie, James Bowie,
Jennie Bowie, (all children of the lady
who was saved;) Elizabeth Howat, Agnes
Howat, Margaret Fatkin, Peter Fatkin,
Margaret Fatkin, (daughter,) Jane Love,
(mother,) Alexander Love, Jesse Love,
Margaret McMillen (mother,) Elizabeth
McMillen, Ann McMillen, Hugh McMillen,
William McMillen, Jennett McMillen,
Robert McMillen, Margaret Denoon,
Marrion Denoon, Mary Denoon, Daniel
McLean, William Frazier, Sarah Frazier,
Ann Catharine Frazier, Effy Wier,
Joanna Gream - 30

Another vessel came up, very soon after
the disaster, and she remained to pick
up such bodies as the schooner Dusky Sally
did not get, - and also to save such
property as they could; she will probably
arrive here in the course of the day.
It was with great difficulty that the
wreck could be reached, as the schooner
could not approach very near to the rocks,
and it was dangerous for the boats to get
too close in, as there was danger of their
being swamped.

The wharf, where the vessel arrived, was
densly [sic] crowded with people, and every
assistance was rendered these unfortunate
emigrants; those who were alive, were in a
very feeble condition, and many of them
could hardly walk, from the effects of
exhaustion, having been in the water so
long. They were all taken to various
homes near by, where dry clothes were
furnished them, and food supplied. An
Inquest was held on the dead, and all
the necessary arrangements will be made
for their burial. We have no time to
say anything further. It is a most heart-
rending calamity, and the unfortunate
sufferers will receive every kindness
and attention from our citizens. This
is another fearful warning of the
dreadful uncertainty of time.


Those that escaped with their lives from
the wreck of the Brig Sutledge, have
lost everything they had, and in order
to provide them with clothing, &c., it
is proposed to take up a collection in
all the churches tomorrow.

A collection will be taken up in all
the churches, to-morrow afternoon, for
these emigrants; and any one desiring
to give anything to them, who not intend
going to church, will please send it to
Benjamin B. Howland, Esq., Town Clerk.
- and it will immediately be delivered
to them. - Certainly our charities will
be liberal on this mournful occasion.

------------------end here---------------

The article includes two spellings of the ship's
name. From what I can tell, Sutledge is the
correct. Though, I found accounts that called
it the Sutley or Sutledj.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

My great great great grandfather Thomas Fatkin and his son John Fatkin were the survivors of that wreck and they were heading to the Georges Creek Valley of Allegany County Maryland.

12:19 AM  
Blogger oldfatslow said...

Welcome. Did your family
leave any stories of the
wreck? Rev. Love supposedly
wrote a booklet about it.

If you click on the Family
label at the bottom of this
article, I have several other
accounts of the wreck including
one by my great-uncle Charlie.
I also have a picture of the
monument built over the graves
of the dead in the Newport


7:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My great grandfather was Robert Bowie, the only sibling of 7 who survived the ship wreck. He went on to get married in 1860 and have 12 children, one of them being my grandmother.

Do you know how to get a copy of David Love's book?

Connie in Cincinnati

3:18 PM  
Blogger oldfatslow said...

Hey Cousin Connie,

My grandmother was one of
the other children of Robert
Bowie. Who was your grand-
mother? Mine was Jean H.
Bowie. Do you have a copy
of "Out of These Roots?"
It is a family history of
the Bowies.

I wish I knew where to find
a copy of Rev. Love's book.


4:04 PM  
Anonymous Connie pepper said...

Hey back, cousin. Grandma was Margaret Bowie MacGregor, known to us as "grandma Gregor".

I'm taking a writing class & am attempting to write a story about the shipwreck. We have a handwritten account of the wreck written by his son, Walter Bowie. Have you seen that? Has an amazing tale of how Robert survived.

Cuzzin Connie

2:11 PM  
Blogger oldfatslow said...


I think I've seen Walter's
account in the Out of These
Roots book.

My dad was an altar boy
at Faith MacGregor's
wedding to Roy Cleveland
(I hope I have those names
correct). She must be kin
to you. They both came
to my parent's 50th

The Bowies were really a
neat family. Dad was one
of the youngest cousins.
His mom was Jean Bowie.
I supposedly met her when
I was about a year old, but
she died shortly after that.

Did you see the picture
of the monument to the
shipwreck in the Newport,
RI cemetary?


8:24 PM  
Anonymous Connie said...

Lets see, your uncle would have been Don Linn, right? He was a wonderful man. Don't think I ever met your dad, but it sticks in my mind that he was a dentist, is that right? Would your name be Scott?

Yes, I have Out of these Roots, which is a wonderful compilation, but a little difficult to follow due to the light print and so- called organization of it, but thank goodness all the letters, etc were preserved and bound.

10:17 AM  
Blogger oldfatslow said...

Yes, you've got me correct.
Uncle Don and his wife Aunt
Bert were great people. I
always enjoyed seeing them.
I occasionally see their
daughter Tish if you knew

If you want to continue this
reminiscence elsewhere, do
a Facebook search on oldfatslow.
It should pull me up.


11:23 AM  

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