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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Sharing the Wealth

I was 12th pick at the WMA. There are
supposed to be only 10 good spots. I
wasn't confident that there would be
at least two no-shows to move me up
in the draw. So, I was thrilled when
DuckTales PMed me that he was second
pick and had two open slots.
I asked him if he wouldn't mind
taking my two college boys and
giving them a better chance at the
birds. He said, "Sure." I would
then take Dave with me on our
draw. WooHoo! Things got
brighter all of a sudden.

Here are some shots Rob took of
the boys getting dressed in the
living room.

Dave Dressing

Craig Dressing

Rob Dressing

We always put our waders on at home
rather than risk putting a hole
in them on the marl parking lot
at the check station.

We met up with DuckTales and
his friend Harold at the check
station. DuckTales invited us
for breakfast too. Seems he
was going to get out to the marsh
fire up his grill and cook bacon
and eggs. I declined cause
Dave and I weren't sure how long of
a walk and wade we were looking
at in the AM (with the rain one
levee might have been closed to
vehicles). Rob and Craig took
him up.

Craig on the Levee

Rob on the Levee

Here is the impoundment that Rob
and Craig were hunting.

Loading up a lot of soggy gear at
the end.

Dave and I ended up with a short walk and
easy wade. We set up about 60 yards
apart on a couple of para grass islands.
There were teal hens all around and flying
over us. I didn't put a lot of decoys
out cause I thought we should wait for
the light and see if we were on the flight
path of the ducks. The morning was
intermittent, but light rain and light
winds. An okay hunt day.

I had no-fogged my glasses but by shooting
time, they were misted over again. I was
afraid to put down the gun and retreat my
lens. Bad move. I grannied my bifocals
down to the tip of my nose. The few early
shots I had were awry. I took a break
and sprayed the glasses. What a difference!

A big drake mottled duck flew high right
between us. He was quacking that ringing
drake call that says, "Hey baby, I'm lonely."
After he was passed, I hit him with the
Duck Commander's paralyzer and chop chop
calls. Mr. Drake turned on a dime, dropped
down, and came screaming back to us. I
had a bead on the bird, but didn't want
to Cheney Dave. He had the better angle
and BOOM - he had his first mottle duck.

One note on mottles, they are easy to knock
down, but hard to kill. He had a tough time
finishing off the bird.

A little later, Dave was on his whistle making
a pintail call. A big duck flew a little
off my left. I was very surprised to find
I had shot a big, drake pinner. No sprigs,
or it might have gone on the wall. As it
was, it gave me a mottle's load of trouble
to finish off too.

We spent the rest of the morning shooting
teal. I got four and Dave three. I finally
went on walk about to see what I could scare
up. I was hoping to flush a mottle for me.
I managed to flush a bunch, but too far
away for a decent shot. When I got back
to Dave, I found that he had picked up
all the decoys, taken down the palmettos,
and dragged the sled back to the levee.
When he came back to help me with my
stuff, he told me he had shot his first
pintail ever too. A two new species day
for him. He has really come alive this

Rob and Craig were off by themselves.
DuckTales and Harold had gone to the
other end of the impoundment. The boys
did a little running and gunning and ended up
with 6 teal and a hen pinner.

It was an excellent day for the Clan.


Rob's Ducks


Craig's Ducks


Dave's Ducks

17 Ducks

Big Ducks




Blogger vanckirby said...

looks like another great hunt for the linn boys and their "old fat and slow" father! too bad that pinner didnt have a sprig. beautiful bird!

5:31 PM  

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