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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Nice People Still Exist

A lady in Deland Florida sent me an
email. She had been to an antiques
show shopping for old photos that
showed groups of people. She was
making some kind of art project
that needed pictures like that.
At the booth of a dealer from
Michigan, this lady picked up
two photos: one that showed
four generations of one family
and one that showed a 1897 college
graduation of young women.

After she got home, she noticed
my family name on the back of
both photos. She did some googling
and found that I had posted a
request for information for my
great-grandfather on a geneology
website. From there, she found
my email and sent me a request
to see if my GGFather was the
same guy in the picture. He
was and she kindly sent me
both pictures.

I didn't immediately recognize
the name of the lady in the graduation
picture, but I did some research
and found she had married my
grandfather's brother.

This shows my great-great-grandfather,
great-grandfather, grandfather, and
uncle. The pictures was taken in
1902. Their ages respectively were
88, 66, 33, and 11 weeks.

The lady in the family is third from
the right:


Blogger vanckirby said...

that is awesome! what a great gift!

11:06 PM  

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