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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

More Grave News

From ROMAN CITIZEN (New York) 7 Jul 1846

We take from the Newport Rhode Islander
, of the 27th ult., the following
account of the wreck of this vessel, and
melancholy loss of life by the disaster:
The melancholy news of the loss of the
Brig Sutledge, Capt. Graham, of and from
Pictou, N.S., for Fall River, was received
here this morning about half past 9 o'clock,
by the arrival of the schr. Dusky Sally,
Capt. Wilder, of and from Bingham.

On the arrival of the Schooner at Stevens'
wharf, the information rapidly spread to
all parts of the town, and the appalling
scene presented, was one, the like of which,
our inhabitants have seldom had occasion to
witness. On the deck lay the dead bodies of
those who had been picked up from the wreck,
surrounded by their kindred friends who had
been rescued from a watery grave, giving vent
to their feeling in the most agonizing manner.

The following particulars of the loss of the
Brig we have received from the Captain, who
was among the survivors: The Brig Sutledge,
of and from Pictour, for Fall River, sailed
on the 12th of June with 56 passengers --men,
women and children. On the evening of the 26th,
at 8 o'clock, it being thick and foggy, came
to anchor; and at 2 o'clock, on the following
morning, got under way, and at about half past
three, struck on a ledge of rocks (in the
Vineyard) called the Sow and Pigs, soon after
which, the tide having caused her to slew round,
she backed off the ledge, filled and went down,
bow first, in ten fathoms water. Previous to
her going down, the mate was sent below, forward
to ascertain if the Brig leaked, but he discovered
nothing that looked like it. The pump was then
ordered to be sounded, but before that could be
done, water was reported in the forecastle. The
boat was then got out, and the passengers rushed
into it, when the Captain gave orders to shove
her from the Brig. He then jumped overboard and
swam to the boat, and kept her as close to the
Brig as possible, picking up such as jumped into
the water. The whole number picked up in the
Captain's boat was 31 alive. The schr. Dusky Sally
being near, sent her boat to assist, and succeeded
in saving 6 more alive who were in the water, and
3 more also from the rigging of the sunken Brig.
Sixteen dead bodies, (4 women and 13 children,)
were also picked up by the two boats, which,
together with the survivors, were put on board
the D.S. and brought to this place, as above
stated. The Captain also states that another
vessel was at the same time picking up what
was adrift from the wreck, &c.

The Captain and crew, and 28 passengers were
saved. The passengers were all foreigners --
mostly Scotch, and we understand were on
their way to Pennsylvania, where they expected
to find employment in the mining establishments.



Blogger oldfatslow said...

The picture is of the monument in the Newport, RI cemetery. Eighteen of the lost from the wreck, including my great-grandfather's six siblings are buried there.


8:21 PM  

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