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Saturday, December 01, 2012

Opening Day 2012

Nothing like being fully prepared and well scouted in
anticipation of an awesome opening day only to find
that the mud motor has an oil leak. Fortunately, we
weren't planning a long trip in the morning (300 yards
at most).

Stu and I headed out early, but were surprised at the
number of boats that were already launched when we
got there. Three or four more boats showed up after
we were in the water. The quick trip was ... well ...
quick. We set up and waited. The Thermacell worked
awesomely and we had no problems.

There were ducks, but they came at a really odd angle -
directly towards the bow of the boat. I couldn't fire
without shooting over Stu's head. Also, I'm still having
cycling problems with the Baikal. If we had a decent
gunsmith in town, I'd have my three crippled shotguns
fixed and firing. As it is, we're limping through duck

Most of the ducks that came to us were blue wing teal
and I doubled on a pair. We saw some woodies , but
they didn't even give us a look. A pair of mottles liked
my duck calling and circled us four or five times, but they
didn't like the spread and moved on. At least we're on the


Hide in Highway Sight

ofs and Jones Hat



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