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Friday, November 04, 2011

Hunting on the Cheap

I am cheap, not least of which because
I'm Scots.  I like to find ways to hunt
that won't bankrupt me and still get
the same results as using expensive
tools and gizmos.  To give an
example, I decided that I needed
a floating platform for my Mojo
Teal for water that was too deep
for the short pole that came with
the decoy.  In essence, I wanted one
of these without forking over the

I ended up buying an innertube
for a riding mower tire and fitting
it to two boards.  It worked really
great until Tommy shot it while
finishing off his crippled mottle
duck last year.


For early teal, I just used a long
piece of pvc conduit pipe that I
stuck in the middle of the decoys.
The problem with that was that the
water was almost deeper than the

Then, last week, manna from heaven.
Stu and I found a large, baby blue
chunk of thick styrofoam in Sarno
Marsh.  It's probably been there since
the hurricanes in '04.  I've now rigged
it to be my platform.  The below picture
shows the block painted, but I'm going
to actually put a sheet of black visqueen
over the block and it will look just
like water.


Now I'm going to go make a homemade
jerk string and knock off Rig 'em Right
decoy lines.




Blogger oldfatslow said...

My idea was a complete fail.
Any opening day ducks that
even looked in our pond
flaired off as soon as they
saw that weird floating
contraption. Bummer and
skunkeroo day.


5:31 PM  

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