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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Low Water

The duck hunting stinks. There are
few birds around mostly because it hasn't
been cold enough and the drought has
dried up all the water and killed
the food. Here are some pictures
from last week that show how our
boat blind works.

First, a view across the pond. This
is the way we would have been shooting
had we been shooting. Note someone
elses old blind on the left of the photo.
They had left the water full of hulls and
wads. At least some time in the recent
past it was a hot hole.

This is the view of our blind.

Closer view:

This is from the back. The breeze
flipped one of the palmetto fans

After we take the fans down, we
take off the camo netting.

From the bow of the boat, you can
see that we string long bungee cords
from stern forward and then drape
military camo netting over it all.

The netting is propped up by pvc conduit.
The bungee cords are threaded through tees
that remove from the pvc for storage.

Good look from the side:

Closer look at the bungees, pvc, and tees.

We store the nets in black plastic bags
that can be used to cover anything shiny
in the boat. We'll dry the nets in the
yard when we get home.

Then we pick up decoys. The decoy bags
are camo and used to cover the boat's gas




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saturday will be better!

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