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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Phys Ed

One of the great things about homeschooling
is the creativity one can have. For instance
in our school, duck hunting is PE.

Stuey went out for Early Teal with me
this morning after I decided to take a
vacation day and try a walk on at the

Things didn't look too good when we got
there. Six cars were in front of us.
But, when it came time to pass out
the walk on numbers, we were the second
pick. Even better, only two people with
draws at Goodwin bothered to show up. I
got the spot I wanted and got some good
G2 from Ken.

Launching was easy. The boat ride out
was easy. We found our spot easy. Got
the decoys out. Got camoed up. Fired up
the Thermacell (you NEED one of these).
And sat back for an hour wait. We took
turns shining the Q-Beam at bullfrogs and
waited. Finally, shooting time came. We
didn't hear any woodies squeeking and
I was a little afraid they might have
cleared out after the pounding they took
last Saturday. We were pushed up in a
cat tail island with the sun at our backs.
The palmettos we had jammed in around us
didn't give us a good look to our rear. As
always, ducks came from the way we weren't
looking. Two big groups of blue wing
teal came zooming out of the sun over
our heads. I couldn't think fast enough
to recognize them, jump up, and take a
tail shot.

Still, wood ducks started showing up in
ones and twos. We actually had a few
try and land in front of us unlike
Saturday's pass shooting only extrava-
ganza. Stu and I each got two to take
home. He got a beautiful drake. We
had a blast.




Blogger vanckirby said...

Great hunt! great looking drake! tell him congrats for me

4:40 PM  

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