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Friday, December 17, 2010

Day Glo Camo

I went scouting and snipe hunting today.
Neither went particularly well.  For most
of the day, I only saw snipe that were
skittish and jumping up 50 yards out.
When I finally did get a shot, I was
distracted and completely missed.

What distracted me was the sudden
realization of what had happened
earlier.  I had been walking around Mud
Lake and was in a huge expanse of
acres of area where I was the tallest
thing by 6 feet.  One of the helicopters
that practices hovering scared up a
large group of ducks.  One half of
it split off and came right at me.  I
figured if they stayed low and I
stayed low, I could jump up and
swat them with #7 snipe shot. 
I huddled down and pretended to
be a stump.  But, at the last instance
they flaired off.   It wasn't til later
that I realized why - I had swapped
my camo hat for a bright orange
safety hat.



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