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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Early Teal

To be candid, Early Teal stank. It was just
short of a disaster. The Go-Devil was in the
shop. Our canoe committed suicide off the
top of the jeep. We had a crappy draw at
the WMA. The water which should have
been shin deep was chest deep. The
duck weed was like oatmeal. There weren't
any ducks flying near us. We had a mile plus
walk both ways. The shirt I wore was
still impregnated with poison ivy.
The mosquitoes only slightly outnumbered
the fire ants. My shoes came untied.
I had to swim a ditch. The Jeep didn't
have a/c. A stool fell off the sled and
we had to double back to find it.

But, it was only a near disaster. Dave
killed a duck. SUCCESS!




Blogger vanckirby said...

oh the things we will do for a duck

8:28 PM  

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